Friday, May 31, 2013

June 13: Ezekiel - Getting Back Up

Greetings Boomers +/-!

I am looking forward to our study of Ezekiel on July 13th.  I think that you will find Ezekiel a bit more engaging than we found Jeremiah.  Below are some resources about Ezekiel if you would like to do some reading before our session.

See you then!



  1. Short essay on Ezekiel from The Haftarah Commentary
  2. General background essay on Ezekiel from My Jewish Learning
  3. Encyclopedic entry on Ezekiel from The Jewish Encyclopedia
  4. Ezekiel and the Mystical Chariot(Merkava) from My Jewish Learning
  5. Essay on Valley of Dry Bones text from Biblical Literacy
  6. Ezekiel - Texts we will study together at our next session: Ch.1:1-28 & Ch. 37:1-14

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